Weekly Termtime Lessons

Discovery Duckling Awards

The start of your child’s swimming journey these lessons are suitable for babies and preschool aged children 6 Months – 4 Years. They are a great way to introduce your child to the water.

Discovery Duckling lessons provide fun and exciting lessons to enable your child to become water confident, achievable goals through play led learning in line with the early years foundation.

The key focus of the pre-school framework gives children confidence and teaches core skills needed to learn the strokes through fun and games and nursery rhymes.

These lessons are perfect for babies from birth (subject to Health visitor advice) and pre school children who are new to swimming. Usually parents or carers will attend swimming lessons and join them in the water. This helps provide reassurance for the child and gives the parent or carer confidence in assisting their child in the water.

Godstone, Surrey only

Lessons are 10am-1230pm

Tuesdays 11 January – 22 March (no swimming 15 February for half term)

Thursdays 13 January – 24 March (no swimming 17 February for half term)

Priced at £121 for ten weeks (sibling discounts available)

Alex is a great supportive, patient and encouraging teacher, she makes the lessons fun and built a great rapport with my son. He progressed really well with her and I’d highly recommend her!

Mrs K Goddard

Duckling Awards

These awards are a natural follow on from the Discovery Duckling awards. They are aimed at children who are old enough to follow instructions and can move on their own. They give the child more independence to start to build their confidence in the water. These awards are used to slowly build up the child ready for the ‘Learn to swim’ framework stages 1-7.

These classes will usually start with a parent in the water with a view to transitioning the child to swim with their group and teacher when ready. We aim to start building on the childs confidence and working towards independent swimming.

Duckling lessons mirror the early years foundation stages promoting learning through play and movement.

Godstone, Surrey only

Lessons are 10am-1230pm

Tuesdays 11 January – 22 March (no swimming 15 February for half term)

Thursdays 13 January – 24 March (no swimming 17 February for half term)

Priced at £121 for ten weeks (sibling discounts available)

Just wanted to message and say how fab this weeks going, my son is loving his lessons and growing in confidence everyday, Mike has been mainly teaching but hes been amazing. Thank you


School aged children Stages 1-5

The Learn to Swim stages 1-5 Awards are divided into progressive stages. They make up the core, national syllabus of learning to swim for primary school aged children that are inclusive and effective. Please note that we are only able to offer lessons for stages 1-5 due to the size of our pool. Upon completion of stage 5 we can happily direct your child towards suitable swim lessons in a 25m pool so they are adequately challenged and have room to progress their swimming or even a swim club should your child wish to take the club route with their swimming.

The Learn to swim framework takes a games led approach to swimming lessons and is underpinned throughout by the Athlete Development Support Pathway.

Godstone, Surrey

Lessons are 11.30am-3pm Sundays

9 January – 27 March (no swimming 13 & 20 February for half term)

Priced at £121 for term (sibling discounts available – £111 for second/third child)

Maidstone, Kent

Lessons are 4pm – 6.30pm Wednesdays

12 January – 23 March (no swimming 16 February for half term)

Priced at £121 for term (sibling discounts available – £111 for second/ third child)

The structured and progressive content is based on games-led approach to ensure children enjoy learning in the pool. The programme is accompanied by a range of badges and certificates to motivate children and reward their learning at every level. Swim England also forms the cornerstone of curriculum swimming lessons in schools giving your child the best start in the pool.

Our lessons are designed to reward your child for their development of the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water. We will concentrate on

  • Developing fundamental movement skills
  • Teaching children to swim using all four strokes of front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.
  • Fun & enjoyment in the water to help your child learn.

Each of the Learn to Swim stage awards has a list of clear outcomes that need to be completed in order to gain each award. There are also a number of distance, stroke and other complementary awards that can be given alongside the stages 1-5 to keep your child motivated. In line with Swim England guidelines we look to award your child with 2-3 certificates per year which is a great keepsake of their achievement in the pool.

Further details of the Learn to Swim framework and the outcomes can be found here 

Alex and her team’s friendly and encouraging teaching style works wonders with her young swimmers. My 7 year old daughter has progressed steadily over 2 years from basic safety skills in the water, using floats and noodles, to gliding confidently up and down the pool in all strokes. Now building stamina and improving technique, my daughter enjoys every minute of her lesson and comes out buzzing!

Mrs K Miller

Further Information

How big are the classes?

Small is beautiful so they say! We deliberately keep our class sizes small as we believe we are able to offer all children a more personal high quality swimming experience. This enables us to provide more individual instruction where needed and there is less waiting around for your turn and more swim time. Our ratios are as follows:

  • Parent and child classes (Discovery Ducks and Ducklings) 6:1
  • Stage 1-2: 4 or 5:1
  • Stage 3: 6:1
  • Stage 4-5: 6:1

Class sizes will be reviewed or additional teachers added to manage capacities all of which are well within Swim England guidelines.

Do we need a hat?

This is not compulsory


What about goggles?

Goggles are a good idea to get used to and help children feel comfortable get used to putting their faces in the water. If parents do purchase goggles I'd suggest getting them used to these in the bath at home prior to lessons.

Swim Nappies

All children in nappies must wear a swim nappy in the pool we can supply these at £1 each on request.


We ask that if you or your child display symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone who is or who has tested positive to let me know and not attend your lesson these can be made up or credited to the following term. 

Are there baby changing mats?

I will provide baby changing mats which are cleaned in between lessons but parent may wish to bring their own to lay on top of the mats. All nappies to be bagged up and taken with you when leaving the pool please.

How to Find Us

Godstone, Surrey

We are operating out of the newly refurbished pool at St Stephen’s Church of England Primary School, Hunters Chase, South Godstone, Surrey RH9 8HR.

Please park on the road or there is a car park at the end of the road. On arrival please enter via the large double gates by the pool building rather than the main school gate.

There will be hand sanitizer by the pool door and we ask you to remove shoes inside the pool building.

Where possible please arrive swim ready for your lesson including parents who are in with their children. However there are two changing rooms that can accommodate four people in each plus one disabled facility that can also be used for changing.

Very young babies are unable to regulate their body temperature so once dried off I'd suggest a vest and fleecy onesie/ babygrow to leave the pool in. The shower is out of use under current guidelines. No food or drink other than water is to be consumed poolside.

All equipment, changing facilities/ mats and touch points will be cleaned in between lessons.

Parents/ grandparents are permitted to watch the lessons and there is plenty of benches around the pool all 2m long for social distancing.

In the summer months there is a patio next to the pool with tables & chairs if you wish to have something to eat after lessons.

Maidstone, Kent

We are operating out of 50 Wrangleden Road, Maidstone ME15 9LP 

There is parking on the drive and a small bay opposite the house too. Entry is via the side gate.

There is one shower and changing room/ WC on site. There is also a side room adjacent to the pool with a sofa/ books and toys available for parents and siblings to wait during lessons. No food or drink other than water is permitted poolside but snacks can be eaten in the adjacent side room.